Wall Street’s Sad Panda: Revealed

Why is the Sad Panda an argument for Healthcare Reform?

Find out here, in my virgin effort at a multimedia news story.

(C) Michelle Tay, All Rights Reserved.

[Postscript: I seized an opportunity on Nov 9, 2009 to put together a visual story about Sad Panda, who captured the blogosphere’s attention from March 26 to October 29 this year on Gothamist. When I realized that no one has tried to tell the story of the person inside the suit, I grabbed my SLR camera and Zoom recorder and rushed down to Bowling Green.

The Panda granted me an interview – something that no one else scored, as it turned out, as the Panda speaks no English. But we both spoke Mandarin.

And so it is.]


2 responses to “Wall Street’s Sad Panda: Revealed

  1. i really enjoyed this story and your photos. thanks for sharing, and i hope to see more like this 🙂

  2. Great interview. I want to give Sad Panda my lunch money.

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